Created Jun 26, 2010


Despite the fact that I am labeled a liberal, my views are quite common sense and logical.

History has shown repeatedly that religion and government are a volatile mix. Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

Laws against gay marriage are discrimination based -purely- on religious indignation, and have absolutely no basis in the Constitution. The amount of time and money being spent on depriving two consenting adults of their right to enjoy the benefits of a civil contract while there are still children starving to death in this world is embarrassing to me, as an American.

The War on Drugs is an irrefutable and ridiculous waste of resources in a nation already hurting economically. Victimless crimes are just that.

Abortion is a never an easy choice, but physically forcing a woman to carry a pregnancy to full term is not only a serious violation of her personal autonomy, it demotes her to little more than a broodmare.

In order for humanity to survive far into the future, we MUST have a healthy environment. If that requires making some minor sacrifices now, not only will we -have- descendants, they will thank us for our selflessness.

Those are my views, in a nutshell. 8)